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Our club evening

We dance on a plus level: The members regularly dance to a combination of a patter and singing call workshops, where we brush up on old figures or learn new ones. Occasionally we also enjoy having a guest caller at our club.
After the normal dancing session at the club evening we enjoy the usual afterparty well-known in the square dance scene. Having a glass of wine or beer after the strains and pains of that evening is part of the fun and our guests are also welcome. If our guests dance the entire evening they also get a shingle as a little souvenir.


Plus Class

Plus classes regularly start once or twice a year for graduated mainstream dancers. We arrange an open house for interested people to try it out. The class begins ½ hour ahead of time and then integrates to the normal club evening, where students always dance every second dance. The further the students advance the more they get integrated into the club.


Appearance in public

Dancing in public or at private parties is called a "demo" in the square dance scene. COLORS OF THE WIND (COW) uses every possibility for a demo to make Square Dance more public and for people getting to know it. At COW we have a demo coordinator, who takes care about everything that goes along with it.


History in short

COW was founded on May 10, 1997, the official foundation was on November 22, 1997. The basis of the foundation was a starter class in plus-level, which started on May 3, 1996 and ended on December 15, 1996. The sponsor of this class was the "Munich Outlaws Square Dance Club".
The actual club founders which signed, were Mickey (Club Caller and President) as well as the former vice president Hans-Georg Volkenand. On June 28, 1997 COW was enrolled as subscriber and admitted on December 6, 1997 as a full member of the EAASDC.

COLORS OF THE WIND,a branch of the TSV-Gräfelfing.