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Michael Braithwaite is our club caller, known as "Mickey" in the square dance scene. Mickey lives in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany and learned to square dance in 1981 at the "Bavarian Stompers" in Augsburg. Mickey's first attempts as caller took place in 1986; his actual career as club caller began in 1990 with the "Yellow Rose Square Dance Club" in Augsburg.
Mickey is one of the few full time professional callers in Europe

Only a handful are able to make their living of it. Since 1989 he is a member of ECTA (European Callers and Teachers Association e.V.) and since 1993 an accredited and active member of CALLERLAB, which is the International Caller Organization.
Mickey called at various square dance events all over Germany and Europe as well as in Japan and his audience always showed great enthusiasm. He also is a club caller for different clubs in the southern part of Bavaria, close to Munich.
His first CD "The Spirit of Square Dance" (LMP 109 CD) with Mainstream Singing Calls appeared in 1998.


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