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Teaching List Mickey nach CALLERLAB ADVANCED (A-1 Program) - 30.10.2019


Stand:    01.12.2023

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Any Hand Concept


Anything) and Cross (Named Dancers) Cross


As Couples Concept


Belles and Beaus (couplesfacing same direction only)


Brace Thru


Cross Over Circulate (two faced lines)




Partner Tag


Six-Two Acey-Deucey


Clover and (Anything)


Cross Trail Thru


Cycle and Wheel


Horseshoe Turn


Partner Hinge


Pass the Sea


Scoot and Dodge


Chain Reaction (1/4 tag)


Double Star Thru


Ends Bend




Quarter Thru

  4. Tag

Wiederholung der gelernten Schritte


Three Quarter Thru


Grand Quarter Thru


Grand Three Quarter Thru


Triple Trade


Triple Scoot


Grand Follow Your Neighbor


Turn and Deal (2-facedIines, Iines facing out)


Pass In / Out


Wheel Thru


Right (Left) Roll to a Wave


Cast a Shadow


Turn and Deal (ocean waves & other Lines)


Quarter In/Out


Split Square Thru


Step and Slide


Transfer the Column


Cross Over Circulate (ocean waves & other lines)


Swap Around


Explode the Line


Square Chain Thru


Left Wheel Thru


Fractional Tops


Explode and (Anything)


Cross Clover and (Anything)


Pair Off


Reverse Swap Around


Pass out


Split Square Chain Thru


Triple Star Thru



COLORS OF THE WIND, eine Abteilung des TSV Gräfelfing.